Our team of chemists and technicians use our fully equipped lab to conduct quality control testing on all of our products.

Passing the quality control test

Upon receipt of a shipment, the goods will be tested against our internal standard as well as any pre-shipment sample requested. We carry out a range of physical and organoleptic tests on samples, including, Refractive Index, Specific Gravity and Optical Rotation. In addition, we analayse the levels of individual components present using our GC and GCMS spectrometers. 

Naturalness testing

There are many reasons why authenticating the natural status of a material is necessary. As a responsible and ethical supplier to the flavour and fragrance industry, carrying out extensive tests to guarantee the natural status of the materials we supply is all part of our service.  Optical activity and stable isotope ratios are just some of the methods we use to validate the products we offer as being truly natural.